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Mixed martial arts, also known as MMA is increasingly growing in popularity throughout the world. As the name suggests it draws from a variety of martial arts but there are specific mixed martial arts techniques that you can learn. If you look at the equipment designed for this sport, there seems to be a particular emphasis on close quarters and grappling.

A key part of this sport is to be in the top position. This is a sport where the strikes are more brutal with a lot less restrictions than other contact martial arts, so it is vital if you find yourself on the floor to quickly escape any hold.

A common move is to grab a person by the hips and hurl them across the floor. While this can be effective and give you a minute to recover, it basically has you on an even footing with your opponent.

Another method is to swing your leg around and grip your opponent in a leg lock. This is an excellent counter as it is more difficult to escape from. You can build from this leg lock to a tighter grip on the arm and they are more likely to tap out. If they manage to grab you, then you can grab them and knock them down to the floor.

Remember, this is not just about brute strength. A smart opponent can just as easily work on a larger one. The trick is to learn the right application for any technique and to get on top as quickly as possible. With practise, you should be able to instinctively apply a grapple and be able to strike quickly.

With any technique you perform, it is about application. A good example is a wrist lock. While initially it can seem fiddly and unnatural, with practise it is an effective method of disabling an opponent. If you can lean their body with a wrist grab, you can then direct their body. With a smart kick below the knees, you can keep them down and be in control.

While it is good to learn techniques via videos, books and websites, it is advised to get training and tuition from a professional instructor. This is to ensure you practise safely and do not get injured with a bad warm up or poorly executed technique. Learning a martial art requires physical and mental discipline, so be prepared to put the effort in!

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Mixed Martial Arts Techniques